Workshop Questions

Still from We Live in Public During our peer review workshop, please address the following questions for each project you evaluate:

1.  What is the thesis?

2.  Is the thesis proved/argued/explored (depending on the purpose of the project) during the course of the paper?

3.  Are the sources introduced and properly cited?

4.  Do you trust this writer?  Why?

5.  Are there any parts of the project that you found confusing?

6.  What was done particularly well in this project?

7.  How could the project be improved?

Remember that while your project is being discussed you will be silent and listen to your classmates, taking notes of what they’re saying.  At the end of the discussion you can ask them questions.  Don’t try to defend yourself, just listen and later decide whether the criticism was valid or not.  Please take notes of everything or you’ll find that you often won’t remember what was said and will miss out on some very good ideas for improving your project.


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