Library Information Treasure Hunt

Still shot from Children of MenStudents will work in groups of three or four but each student will be researching the topic they selected for Project 1.

Each group member needs to find:

1. Two credible internet sources

2. Two articles from a peer-reviewed journal (those you can find under the library catalogue)

3. One multimedia source (a video, a film, an image, a podcast)

4. Two books currently in the Purdue Library Holdings

Each group member will create an MLA Works Cited page with all their sources.  Although each group members’ Works Cited page should be made separately, you will compile them all into one document, which you will email to me at by midnight today. For information on MLA format, visit the Purdue OWL.

If your group completes the assignment on time, all members will receive one point of extra credit.   For a group to be complete, you must present research results for all members. 


Project 1 Assignment

The Hunger Games AnimeFor this project you will write an analytical paper related to The Hunger Games.  As long as you engage critically with the material, there aren’t too many restrictions but you should make sure to discuss your ideas with me over conferences, during office hours and/or over email.  Here are some possible topics:

1.  You can analyze the way the text portrays a concept such as heroism, romantic, parental or filial love, family, villains/monsters, goodness, loyalty, cruelty, happiness, tragedy, etc. Your research might include scholarship on your selected issue and/or scholarship on how utopias/dystopias have portrayed this issue in the past.

2.  You can do a critique of the text from a certain perspective, such as gender, class, race, sexuality, age, etc. Your research might include theoretical works from the perspective you’ve selected (feminist theory, working-class studies, etc.) and/or scholarship on how utopias/dystopias have dealt with your particular issue in the past.

3.  The Hunger Games presents a critique of reality television and celebrity culture.  In which ways is Collins’s representation relevant to our culture today?  Do you agree with her claims or do you think she goes too far?  Has reading this text altered the way in which you interact with reality TV and celebrity culture? Your research might include theoretical work and critiques of celebrity culture and/or reality television, either certain shows which you think are particularly relevant or reality TV in general.

4.  The Hunger Games strongly critiques imperialism and war.  Choose a particular conflict going on in the world today or that took place in the past and compare and contrast it with the one portrayed by Collins.  Does The Hunger Games help you better understand that particular conflict?  Can fiction help us elucidate present and historical events?  Your research might include learning about the conflict you select and scholarship on the general concepts of war and imperialism.

If none of these options seem appealing to you, we can discuss other possibilities.

Keep in mind the concepts of ethos, pathos, logos and having a clear thesis that we have discussed in class, as well as audience awareness, tone and language.  Remember to take into account what your audience knows about this topic and what their already established opinions are.  If you think illustrations, graphics or pictures would add to the power of your project, you are welcome to use them, but you must address them as you make your points.

Your paper should be double-spaced and 5-8 pages long (around 1,500 – 2,400 words). You will need at least three sources.  One from the web, one from print or the library catalogue and a third that can be whatever you wish as long as it’s credible.  You can have more than three sources but don’t get carried away.  No more than eight would be advisable.

Your name must be on the assignment and you need to give it a title.  Your first draft is due on Friday, July 8.  You should have an electronic copy of the paper that you can email to your fellow workshop members.  Your final draft is due on Monday, July 11.  I will return work electronically.  Everyone will receive their graded assignments within a week of turning them in, but not all at the same time.  I will return them as I grade them, and I will grade them in the order that they reach my inbox at:


A “C” project should:

• Meet all requirements of the assignment.

• Have a thesis that follows logically from the body of the paper.

• Provide appropriate description so that an audience can understand the situations and issues involved.

• Control surface errors.

• Use MLA citation to document all sources.


A “B” project should do everything a “C” paper does but should also:

• Show evidence that possible audience objections have been anticipated and responded to.

• Incorporate sources smoothly.

• Include an analysis that interrogates the experiences, observations and sources critically.


An “A” project should do everything a “B” paper does but should also:

• Arrive at a thesis that is original, insightful and sensible.

• Show a flair with language.

• Have a clear organizational strategy based on audience needs.


Welcome to English 106

We Live in Public PosterDear students,

I look forward to working with you this summer.  We are going to explore utopias and dystopias as we embark on our English 106 journey.  Through our discussions of utopias and dystopias, you will learn to apply rhetorical concepts across genres like essay writing, filmmaking and website development.

Make sure to check the syllabus I have posted here, since unlike your printed syllabus, it will reflect the changes that we are bound to experience throughout our course.

I will also post all project and extra credit assignments here for you so you can have access to them at all times.

I’m very happy you’re in my class!